The Connection

Welcome to A Central Coast Connection. We’re Chelle and Tamara and we made our first {non-coastal} connection of photography through Kat Sloma's monthly Photo-Heart Connection. We both recognized a similar theme in each other’s photos: an ocean coast. After exchanging blog comments and instagram photos we realized we had a second connection: we are both central “coasties” {if you talk to Chelle} or “coasters” {if you talk to Tamara}, with Chelle living on the central coast of New South Wales and Tamara on the central coast of California. The differences between our two locations definitely go beyond what we call ourselves {coasties/coasters}, and it was with a curiousity for this that “A Central Coast Connection” was born.

A Central Coast Connection is a bi-monthly collaboration photo blog.  One post is photos based on each of our hometowns as we look for, and share, examples of a monthly theme.  The other post is photos giving a glimpse of each of our coastlines that month. 

We also have a third connection: we both love to wear the same kind of sandals {Chelle’s “thongs” and Tamara’s “flip-flops” = the same thing}, and a fourth connection: we both have daughters {no coastal language difference here}, and we’re pretty sure of fifth and sixth connections: stay tuned.

We’re excited to work together and to connect with each other and you in this online space. Between our two time zones {of which Chelle definitely has the better grasp of…Tamara is hopelessly lost} we’re working around the clock to make this connection stronger and stronger.

We invite you to be a part of our journey.

Chelle & Tamara
May 7, 2012

The Central Coast of California
The Central Coast of New South Wales